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Cultured code things attachments free.The all-new Things

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Cultured code things attachments free.Using Mail to Things


This makes using it on both a phone and a computer, for example, really easy—you never have to worry about an outdated notification showing up on your device. This is not an issue with Things, and it takes away an extra step in the task management process, so you can direct that energy to actually working through your task list.

Things has a really nice tagging system. You can even assign sub-tags to your tags, a feature I really like. Handy, indeed. The desktop app is feature-rich. As you might expect, in addition to seamless sync with the mobile apps, the desktop version of Things pictured above is fuller-bodied than the iOS apps. There is a really smooth way of accessing, displaying, and adjusting all your tags where Things really shines.

Editing a task is fast. And it looks good. The iOS apps have a useful Today widget. Some Today widgets are better than others, and this one is good. You can view items due today, check them off both without ever opening the app , and tap on New To-Do to be taken to the Things app to make a new entry. Siri and Things work together quite nicely. You can set up Things so that reminders you voice dictate to Siri go right into that app as tasks.

This Apple Design Award winner is crisp and lightweight, featuring a simple but effective interface. The ever-present Magic Plus button makes it easy to add to-dos from anywhere in the app, and organizing items is as simple as dragging them where you want them. A little history on myself. I have been away from GTD apps for quite a while.

The last app I used and paid for was Omni Focus and fell out of favor with that app due to its complexity. I never could buy in to its way of organization. I had tried things at that time still in version 1 I believe and the app just did not work the way that I wanted it to.

Now comes present time. I finally grew tired of the limitations of the stock reminders app and did some extensive research on a few of them. Read many blogs on strengths and weakness of all of them. I think when it comes down to all GTD apps there really is no best app.

So do your own research. This means you can run shortcuts seamlessly across all your devices. Instead of filling out the details every time, you can create a shortcut that fills it out for you. Click one to add it to your Shortcuts library. Of course, you can also create your own from scratch in the Shortcuts app.

Have fun experimenting and looking for ways to speed up your workflows — but beware! The resulting speed boost will be most noticeable for those with very large databases and many projects, but the app will generally be snappier for everyone.

As an added benefit, our work on code unification has eliminated such quirks, providing a more consistent experience across devices. Another improvement in this release is for shortcuts of a different kind: keyboard shortcuts. On non-US layouts, shortcuts involving letters will mostly stay the same, but shortcuts with special characters will now be easier to type — and some that were previously impossible to use can now be typed for the first time! Check out our updated keyboard page for your layout.

You can also look in the menus on Mac, or hold down Cmd on iPad. All these improvements are available now in Things 3. We hope you enjoy using Shortcuts across your devices and look forward to seeing what you build with it!

This is our big fall update for iOS You can, however, share one Things Cloud account with someone else to collaborate on the entire content of that account. Is Things a single purchase for all devices? Do I have to buy Things multiple times? Each app is a separate purchase the Watch app is included with the iPhone. Are there discounts? If you are a student or teacher, please ask your institution if they are part of Apple School Manager.

Of course, this entire workflow is far better completed using an actual Workflow workflow. Using Workflow, the entire process above can be done in about five seconds. Each of those web page extractions created a new note inside Bear. By running the above workflow, I can create a new note inside Bear that links to the Things task, and then I can paste all the other note URLs inside that lead-sheet Bear note.