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OR criteria always expands the number of records selected. You use AND criteria when one criterion must be true in order for the record to be selected.

You do not format individual cells as you do in Excel. On a black and white printer, all colors are converted to shades of gray. Bright colors may be converted to solid black boxes. Always encourage students to print preview before printing. Assign a Project: Have students open a datasheet and apply at least three formats that they feel enhance the printout.

Remind students that some formatting embellishments, such as too much color, font size too small to read, font face too fancy to be legible, can actually detract from readability and professionalism. Group Activity: Ask students to apply three different formats to a datasheet in three different categories font face, font size, color and print them. Have them write down the formatting embellishments on the back of the paper. Pass the papers around the class and ask students to vote on the one they like best and explain why.

The Independent Challenges increase in difficulty, with the first one in each module being the easiest. Independent Challenges 2 and 3 become increasingly open-ended, requiring more independent problem solving. May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. Trips table field list 6.

Duration field from Trips 7. Ascending sort order on 8. Or criteria on two rows 9. And criteria on one row Solution File: SalvageSolution. The final CenterDeposits query is shown below. Note that filters are temporary and not saved with the query, so if you want to grade step 5, the student must produce this printout.

The solution is shown in Figure Note: 7b-7c. For the Centers table, the Times New Roman font with point font size is applied 8b. All columns have been resized so data and field names are visible. If creating a printout, the printout should be in landscape orientation and use narrow margins so that it fits on a single sheet of paper.

Solution File: ServiceSolution. Check for the Relationships for Service-2 report shown below: e. The solution to this is shown in Figure Add criteria to select only those records in March Note: c. An ascending sort order on StateName then LName. Access – Introduction to Forms. Access An Essential Guide. Customized Reports using Access A Quick Microsoft Access Tutorial. Size : 3. Office Deployment Step by Step.

Access Reports and Queries. Description : This document has been developed to help you learn more about several useful features in Access including printing, applying queries, and importing Excel files. Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Excel Level 2. Presidential Transition Taskforce – Office Guide. Size : 2. Microsoft Excel Level 1. If not, what could they do to provide a field that has a unique value for each record?

If they decide to create a field, how will it be done? What will be the data type of the primary key? Who will assign the value? How will you make sure that there are no duplicates in this field? Students add the fields using a Quick Start Selection, which is a sort of template that inserts a group of related fields in a table. In Access, there is a certain degree of unpredictability when using any templates database templates, table templates, Quick Start Selections, etc.

The end results are not always what you want or intend. For example, you might want to delete one or more of the fields inserted with the Quick Start Selection. When you delete the field in Datasheet view or Design view, the deletion might not be permanent or visible when you switch views, causing the deleted fields to reappear.

If students encounter these types of problems, closing. These assignments are designed as straight practice and do not include anything of an exploratory nature. Short modules can have fewer Case Problems or none at all ; other modules may have five Case Problems. The Case Problems provide further hands-on assessment of the skills and topics presented in the module, but with new case scenarios.

There are five types of Case Problems:. In this type of Case Problem, students apply the skills that they have learned in the module to solve a new problem. In a Create Case Problem, students are either shown the end result such as a finished Word document and asked to create the document based on the figure provided, or, students are asked to create something from scratch in a more free-form manner.

A Challenge Case Problem involves one or more Explore steps. These steps challenge students by having them go beyond what was covered in the module, either with guidance in the step or by using online Help as directed. A Research Case Problem requires students to find information on the Internet to help solve a problem or to include in the file they are creating. In this type of Case Problem, certain steps of the exercise require students to identify and correct errors that are intentionally placed in the files.

Completing these steps helps to promote problem solving and critical thinking. Top of Document. The Data Type property determines what field values you can enter into the field and what other properties the field will have. Caption 4. Short Text, Number, and AutoNumber 5. A primary key uniquely identifies each record in the table; a primary key prevents duplicate values from being entered in the same field; Access forces you to enter a value for the primary key field in every record in the table; records will always be displayed in a meanginful order by primary key, regardless of the order in which you entered them; Access responds faster to requests for specific records based on the primary key.

Session 2. Importing 3. Data Type 4. The field and all its values are removed from the table. Referential integrity. Columns res Data imported from Supplies workbook in Columns resized to their best fit One-to-many relationships between tables related Product table. May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. All field names visible. Referential integrity, cascade updates defined for each relationship. CountryRegion field deleted from Member table structure f.

Columns resized to their best fit. Referential integrity, cascade updates defined for the relationship. Any filtering done with two or more fields requires the use of the advanced filter tools.

Point out to students, however, that queries are by far more powerful. Students may not know the answer to this when working with sample database files provided by this textbook, but they certainly would be able to answer that question in the real world when working with their own data.

Note that while a filter is not the same thing as a query, if you create a filter and decide that you would like to reuse it, and therefore should have created a query, a filter can be saved as a query object and reused. For the most part, however, filters are temporary views of data and do not contain as much power as queries see TABLE Filtering produces a subset of the table.

This is useful when you need to update a field in several records with the same value but do not need an update query. Make sure students understand the difference between the Toggle Filter button and the Clear All Filters button.

The Toggle Filter button redisplays all records but does not clear any filters that have been applied. When a criterion is entered in a query, the criterion is an example of the expected result. The asterisk and question mark wildcards are the same wildcards that are used with the search features in Windows and other Microsoft applications.

Access automatically adds the LIKE operator and quotation marks to criteria that use wildcards. Class Discussion: Consider circumstances in which the Filter By Selection feature is the tool to use. When is Filter By Form better to use? Critical Thinking: Why does Microsoft provide so many different features filters versus queries for example that overlap in functionality?

Providing many different tools gives the user the choice of several ways to tackle a problem. It is incumbent on the user to be trained well enough to know which tool is most productive and best for each job. Critical Thinking: Compare the two methods of finding records presented in this chapter: searching and filtering. Which do you consider to be more efficient? As a database user, when do you think it would be best to use filtering rather than searching? Do not let students go beyond this lesson until they completely understand it.

It is absolutely essential that students understand what AND criteria is as well as how to enter it in the query grid. The difference between putting criteria in one versus two rows is extremely important and is covered in the lessons on AND versus OR criteria. At this point, students are starting to see how important precision is when working with databases. Be sure students understand that they can go back and forth between Datasheet and Query Design View to make sure you get the records desired.

The most common errors would be not entering the criteria on one row or making a typo. Class Discussion: Design a truth table on the board and fill in the values with the students. Ask students for other uses of a truth table.

With AND criteria, all criteria must be true to select the record. Answer: True 2. Criteria syntax are rules that specify how to enter criteria. AND criteria always narrows the number of records selected. OR criteria always expands the number of records selected.



Microsoft office 365 access 2016 introductory pdf free download

These assignments are designed as straight practice and do not include anything of an exploratory nature. Check Table Design View of the Positions table. Student Name is added as a new record in Vets table. Have them look at their databases. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Note that filters are temporary and not saved with the query, so if you want to grade step 5, the student must produce this printout.


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