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New perspectives microsoft office 365 & powerpoint 2016 comprehensive free download. New Perspectives Microsoftoffice 365 & PowerPoint 2016: Comprehensive

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Updated to provide all-new case scenarios, this dynamic introduction applies the skills students midrosoft learning to nw situations, ensuring concepts ссылка highly relevant.

Companion Sways provide videos and step-by-step instructions to help students learn to use each app. Please select an option. View More Purchase Options. Katherine T. View as Instructor. Whether you need access offline or online, in print or on your mobile device, we have cost saving options.

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.New Perspectives Microsoftoffice & PowerPoint Comprehensive by Ann Shaffer

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New Perspectives Microsoft®Office & Excel® , 1st Edition – – Cengage.

New Perspectives Microsoft Office & PowerPoint Intermediate [Pinard, Katherine T.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Updated with all-new case scenarios, this comprehensive edition guides students in applying the skills they are learning to real-world.


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This document is organized chronologically, using the same headings in blue that you see in the textbook. Pay special attention to teaching tips and activities geared towards quizzing your students, enhancing their critical thinking skills, and encouraging experimentation within the software.

Themes can be found on the tab on the Ribbon. Answer: c a. FILE b. HOME c. True or False: You can create a custom theme in PowerPoint. Class Activity: Have students work at their computers and practice making shapes.

Have them use the Shapes button and click on the shape they want. Then have them create a circle from an oval and a square from a rectangle. Once they have created four different shapes, have them modify the size and color of the shape. This will help them guide the text box to a desired place. Answer: B. Smart Guide B. Shapes Gallery D.

Insert tab 2. Class Activity: Have students draw a shape and then add text to it. Have them flip the shape so it is upside-down. Have them manually rotate the text box using the rotate handles or the Rotate Commands on the Rotate menu. Make sure students know how to use the Format Painter. Ask them to modify the color, size, and border, and to add special effects. Have them share with the class what they did and discuss the variety of artistic choices that they made.

Point out to them that tables are so commonly used to present information that it is a good idea to pay attention, especially to the formatting they will cover in this chapter. Answer: D A. Critical Thinking: Have students break into groups to create tables for the campus bus schedule. They can make up the information if it is not readily available. Have them decide how best to organize and present the information, making it look as interesting as possible, while keeping it professional.

HOME B. Keeping slides uncluttered is a priority. If there is too much information, viewers will be overwhelmed and have a hard time processing the main points on a slide. Answer: False.

It is usually best to go with a conservative approach, using Reveal instead of Airplane, for example. As with the application of transitions, it is usually best to go with a conservative approach.

Entrance B. Crossing C. Motion Correct Answer D. Group Activity: Have students experiment with various animations and effects. Remind students that after they insert video into a presentation they can modify the video by changing the length of time the video plays.

TEACHER TIP Explain to students that as they continue to add objects, including sound and animation, to a presentation, or apply transitions and complex animations, the file size of the presentation will grow. Point out to students that when pictures are compressed, pixels are removed.

Answer: True 2. Critical Thinking: Have students discuss any experiences they might have had with large files. Were they sending the file via e-mail? Were they trying to download the file? Were they uploading a file to the Web? Did it take a long time to send or load? What might they have done to fix these problems? These assignments are designed as straight practice and do not include anything of an exploratory nature.

Short modules can have fewer Case Problems or none at all ; other modules may have five Case Problems. The Case Problems provide further hands-on assessment of the skills and topics presented in the module, but with new case scenarios. In this type of Case Problem, students apply the skills that they have learned in the module to solve a new problem. In a Create Case Problem, students are either shown the end result such as a finished Word document and asked to create the document based on the figure provided, or, students are asked to create something from scratch in a more free-form manner.

A Challenge Case Problem involves one or more Explore steps. These steps challenge students by having them go beyond what was covered in the module, either with guidance in the step or by using online Help as directed.

A Research Case Problem requires students to find information on the Internet to help solve a problem or to include in the file they are creating. In this type of Case Problem, certain steps of the exercise require students to identify and correct errors that are intentionally placed in the files.

Completing these steps helps to promote problem solving and critical thinking. Slides 35 deleted. Mix created. Inking options set to Thick Pen with Red Color.

Slide 1: voice recorded. Slide 2: subbullet circled. Slides 1: remove the transition. Plays Automatically. Fills screen when playing. Rewinds after playing. About 8s trimmed from the end of the video. Table style changed to Light Style 1 — Accent 1. Header row: Century Gothic font, font size 20, centered horizontally. Final column: contents centered horizontally. Picture cropped to remove bottom inch, resized to 7. Positioned and aligned. Rectangle shape: no fill, no outline.

Duration 1. After previous. Slides deleted. Slide 8: Table formatted as in Fig- , centered horizontally, 2. Photos compressed to 96 ppi. Slide 2: Bulleted list animated to Wipe with From Top effect. List on left animation timing set to On Click. List on right animation timing set to After Previous with a delay of two seconds.

List on right subitems animation timing set to With Previous Slides 1,2,8 and 9: Fade transition. Text entered. Shape resized to 0. Shape centered and middle aligned below picture. Moderate Effect — Dark Teal, Accent 1 shape style applied. Outline color set to White.

Shape animated with the Appear animation. Notes and handouts: student name added as header. All slides except the first slide: Honeycomb transition with duration set to 1.

Second column width set to 1. Font size set to Text in first column centered vertically Slide 3: fill color removed from first column of table Slide 3: rectangle inserted; 7. No audio recorded in mix. Pen color set to Red. Multiple Response Poll inserted.

Question and option text entered Mix saved and uploaded. Multiple survey responses recorded. New Slide 5 created, Blank layout Slide 5: Screenshot of survey analytics inserted, 7.