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Learn step-by-step how the Oil Painter filter’s Brush and Lighting options make it easy to turn any photo into an oil-painted masterpiece! But for whatever reason, it disappeared in the initial release of Photoshop CC. And even though it’s essentially the same filter that it was back in CS6 which ccc a bad thingthe CC version now sports a much smaller, less intimidating dialog box that makes using it seem easier than ever. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a painter.

And if you saw anything I’ve tried to paint, you’d be the second to admit I’m not a painter. But thanks to Photoshop and its Oil Paint filter, Downloac don’t have to чувствую microsoft official academic course microsoft project 2013 answer key free много I can still pretend I’m the next Vincent van Gogh without a shred of real-world evidence to support it.

And while a Photoshopped oil painting effect may not fool any professional art dealers or ever hang on a gallery wall, turning one of your photos into an oil painting is still lots of fun, and the results can look very impressive. Since the Oil Paint filter was only recently added back to Photoshop CCyou’ll want to make sure that your copy is up to date before you continue, otherwise the filter may not be available.

Here’s the image I’ll be using. I downloaded it from Adobe Stock:. There’s two ways that we can apply the Oil Paint filter to our image. One is as a static filter, which means we’ll be making permanent changes to the pixels in the image. The other is as a Smart Filter which keeps the filter settings /9379.txt and fully editable. It’s always best to work non-destructively in Photoshop, so let’s apply the Oil Photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download filter as a Smart Filter.

That way, we’ll be able to easily go back and try different settings until we get the effect looking just right. If we look in the Layers panelwe see our image sitting on the Background layer :. To apply the Oil Paint filter as a Smart Filter, we need to apply it not to a normal layer but to a Smart Objectwhich sql download free enterprise edition microsoft download 2014 server we’ll first need to convert our Background layer into a Smart Object.

To do that, click on the small menu icon in the upper right corner of the Layers photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download.

It odwnload look like anything has happened to the image, but if we look again in the Layers panel, we now see a small Smart Object icon in the lower right corner of the layer’s preview thumbnail. This lets us know that the layer has successfully been converted into a Smart Object:. With our layer now converted to a Smart Object, we’re ready to apply the Oil Paint filter.

This opens the Oil Paint filter dialog box. In Photoshop CS6, the dialog box took up the entire screen, but now in the Photoshop CC version, it’s much smaller and fits nicely with the rest of the interface. At the very top, we have a preview window, and below photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download are various options for controlling the oil painting effect, all of which we’ll look at in a moment:.

Even though Photoshop gives us a live preview of the oil painting effect within the image itself, most images these days are too photodhop to fit entirely on the screen filtwr their actual size.

Only a small section of the image can fit within the preview window, but you can easily jump to different areas just by ;hotoshop on ccc spot you want to inspect. When you move your mouse cursor over the image, you’ll see the cursor change into a little square which pyotoshop the boundaries photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download cilter preview window.

Simply click on the spot you want to inspect. Photoshol, I’m clicking on one of the yellow fc. Finally, the Preview option to the right of the window controls whether or not we see a live preview 0218 the oil painting effect within the image itself as opposed to just inside the preview window in the dialog box.

Dlwnload most cases, you’ll want to make sure it’s selected checked so you’re seeing the live image preview, but if, at any time, you want to see your original image again for comparison, simply uncheck the Preview option. You can quickly toggle the Preview option on and off by pressing the letter Painh on your keyboard:. Now that we know how to preview the oil painting effect, let’s learn how to actually create it. The options in the dialog box are прощения, opengl vmware workstation 12 free download ВЕРЬТЕ.НИЧЕГО into two main sections.

First, we have the Brush options Stylization, Cleanliness, Scale, and Bristle Phohoshop which we use to adjust various aspects of the brush strokes. Below the Brush options are the Lighting options Angle and Shine which control the direction of the light приведенная ссылка as well as the overall contrast of the effect.

We’ll start by looking at the Brush options. But before we do, for the purpose of this tutorial, make sure the Lighting option is turned on checked. The reason is that without the lighting effects, we won’t photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download able to see our brush strokes, which would make learning how the Brush options work a bit downloax a challenge. Also, with the Lighting options turned on, increase the Shine value which controls the effect’s contrast so photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download you can clearly see the brush puotoshop in your image.

You don’t need to crank it too high. I’ll set mine to around 2. Again, this is just to make it donload for us to learn how the Brush options work. We’ll come pain to the Lighting options later:. The first brush option is Stylization. It controls the style of the brush strokes, ranging from a daubed look at the lowest setting to a very smooth stroke at the highest setting.

If you drag the Stylization slider all the way to the left, to its lowest value 0. It will look like your image was painted by daubing the brush onto 20188 canvas, giving it a rough and detailed appearance:. As you increase downolad Stylization value by dragging the slider towards the right, you’ll begin to smooth out the brush strokes.

And if нажмите чтобы увидеть больше drag the slider all fipter way to the right to смотрите подробнее maximum value of Photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download my image, I think something in photohop works best.

I’ll pgotoshop with a value of 4. You may find that a different value works better for your image, but photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download worry about нажмите чтобы перейти it perfect.

You’ll most likely want to come back and re-adjust things after setting the other options since they all work together to create the overall effect:. Here’s what my brush strokes look like so far. At a more mid-range Stylization value, the strokes have a nice blend of smoothness and detail:. The second brush option is Cleanliness. It controls the length of the brush strokes, ranging from short and choppy at the lowest setting to long and fluid at the highest.

Short brush strokes give the painting more texture and detail, while long strokes give it a less detailed, cleaner look. For this image, I think long, fluid strokes work better, but at the maximum Cleanliness value, they’re too long. I’d like to bring back a bit more detail so I’ll lower the value to around 7. Again, a different value may work better for your image:. Here’s what the result looks like.

It’s important to keep in mind that all of the options in the Oil Paint filter’s dialog box are working together to create pant look we’re seeing, so filtr result isn’t simply what we get by, pint, setting the Cleanliness value to 7.

Cleanliness controls only one aspect of the painting the нажмите чтобы увидеть больше of the brush strokesbut it’s all of the options combined that create the overall effect:. So far, we’ve learned oi, Stylization controls the smoothness of the brush strokes while Cleanliness controls their length. The third option, Scalecontrols the size or thickness of the brush itself.

Use low Scale values for thin, fine brushes or higher values for bigger, thicker brushes. Photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download the lowest setting, the strokes look like they fiilter painted with a very thin, fine brush. Notice also that since thinner brushes tend to use less paint, we see oll thin coast of paint on the canvas:.

Now, the brush strokes are dkwnload thicker as if a bigger brush was used. And, since bigger brushes tend to use more paint, the higher Scale value creates what pphotoshop like thicker globs of photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download on the canvas as opposed to the thin layer we saw previously:.

Photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download like the look of the larger brushes for this image so I’ll keep my Scale value fairly high, lowering it from 10 down to The fourth Brush option is Bristle Detail. It controls the strength of the grooves created in the paint by the hairs in the brush. At lower values, the grooves appear light and soft, becoming stronger and more pronounced as you paknt the value.

At the lowest setting, there’s very little in the way of bristle detail:. Below the Brush options are the Lighting options. Even though filte only two of them Angle and Shinethey play a powerful role in how the overall effect appears. Before we can set the lighting options, we first need filtsr enable them by making sure the checkbox to the photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download of the word « Lighting » is selected. We’ll look at why you might want to turn the lighting off in a few moments:.

The first of the lighting options, Anglecontrols the direction of the light source shining on the painting, which affects the direction of the shadows and highlights created by the paint.

To change it, simply click and drag inside the circle to rotate the photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download. In my case, the image itself has a light source that seems to be coming from the upper left, so I’ll rotate the angle to match it as closely as I can. For comparison, here’s how the painting initially phhotoshop before changing the lighting angle, back when the light was coming from the lower right.

Keep an eye on the shadows and highlights:. Here’s how it looks after rotating the angle towards the upper left. Some areas, like the white and yellow flowers near the bottom, appear to have lost detail after the lighting change, while others like the yellow flower near the center now show greater detail:.

Finally, the Shine option controls the intensity of the light source, which affects the intensity of the shadows and highlights of the paint, not of the actual image.

Setting Shine to its lowest value of 0 essentially turns the light source off, giving the effect a very flat photoshop cc 2018 oil paint filter download, while cranking it photosnop the way to its maximum value of 10 usually creates shadows and highlights that are much too strong. In most cases, a fairly low Shine value works best. For this image, I’ll set my Shine value to around 2. Now that we’ve looked at the lighting options and how important they are to the overall appearance of the brush strokes, why would you ever want to turn the lighting off?

Quite simply, you would turn it off нажмите чтобы перейти you don’t want to see the brush strokes! Why would you not want to see the brush strokes? Well, with the brush strokes visible, we get an embossed effect created by the shadows and highlights, with the paint looking as if it’s layered on top of the canvas. Turning the lighting off flattens the image, giving you a детальнее на этой странице clean, soft downloda smooth result.

To turn the lighting off, simply uncheck the main Lighting fikter.


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Oct 17,  · Apr 19, Since you are on the CC program, you can download and use Photoshop CC () which has the old oil paint filter. There’s also Photoshop CC or CC where the Oil Paint filter might work. It costs nothing to try and should be better than waiting for fixes if there are any scheduled. Mar 06,  · Content authenticity. 3D and technical imaging. The Oil Paint filter lets you transform a photo into an image with the visual appearance of a classic oil painting. With a few simple sliders, you can adjust the amount of stylization, brush scale, cleanliness, and other parameters. Transform your regular photograph into a classic oil painting. Sep 10,  · How to Download Oil Paint Filter For Photoshop CC Latest Version | Use Oil Paint without GPUIn this tutorial. I will show you how to use Oil Paint in P.


How To Use The Oil Paint Filter In Photoshop CC.


See Oil paint Effect between both images. Oil Paint Plugins helps Editors and designers to work more efficiently and amazingly. Share this with your friends to support us. Contact us.

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Needless to say, that armed with our photo effect, carrying out the oil painting is just a matter of five minutes with high-quality PSD : choose the graphics, place it in the special Smart Layer, hit « save » and watch the masterpiece being created. Become a modern Michelangelo or Rembrandt and amuse your audience!

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