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Vehicle Tracking Update | Article | cadpilot – Vehicle Tracking 2018.1 Enhancements

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Autodesk vehicle tracking 2018 hotfix 1 free download.Vehicle Tracking 2018.1 Update


This hotfix repairs an issue not addressed in the Map 3D Moved the location of roundabout sign warnings in design check so they are under the relevant arm. Read the Readme. Vehicle Tracking Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Deflection Min and Max Values Fixed an issue where the deflection min and max values in the Properties dialog are not the values defined in the Standards dialog. Dialog Box Resizing Vehicle library, parking and junction explorers now have minimum sizes applied when resizing.

Drawing Unit Settings from Civil 3D Drawing units settings are disabled when you have opted to get the values from the active Civil 3D drawing.

Get Units and Driving Side of the Road Settings The option to get units and driving side of road from the drawing has been added to the start up dialog box and the Settings Wizard.

Lane Separator Road Markings Lane separator road markings have been added to slip lanes. Make Default Button Removed the need to use the Make Default button when changing options that only take effect at start up.

Offset Road Markings Fixed an issue that caused offset road markings to be offset on the wrong side on the exit side of approach roads. Parking Tools Enhancement Parking tools have improved messages when selecting an unsuitable entity like a circle to create a parallel row of bays from. Roundabouts Enhancements Arms Reduced the likelihood of Arms failing due to unusual geometry on the selected road alignment. Corridor Improvement Improved the roundabout corridor and update performance in Civil 3D.

Crossfall at Blend Point Roundabout approach roads can now have their crossfall at the blend point taken into account when calculating curb line elevations. Crossfall Diagrams Roundabout crossfall diagrams in Roundabout Properties and Standard Editor pages now show profile details of the line crossfall region being defined.

Crosswalk Warning Symbols Roundabout Crosswalk angular values that are Out of range now have warning symbols. Curb Calculation Roundabout curb calculation can handle more abnormal geometric conditions when adjusting the change in offset from the edge of travel way with the road flaring.

Curb Flare Length The roundabout curb flare length has been changed from a fixed length to a ratio based on the change in offset from the edge of travel way.

AutoCAD Map Hotfix 1 should be installed to avoid the issue of grip editing in Vehicle Tracking sometimes producing unpredictable results. Vehicle Tracking Update 1 contains the following new features and enhancements. Features Slip Lane Elevations have been added to the roundabout creation process.

You can now specify the travelway elevation and crossfall information for the slip lanes. Enhancements You can now control how the corridor creation process is handled with roundabouts. For more information, see Roundabout Properties: Corridor. There are two changes in the Roundabout Properties: Arm: Approach dialog. For the Physical Deflection range, there are now two values for the max and min.