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Windows 10 home vs pro speed test free download

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I have been fighting this problem for several months after the Fall Creators Update without success: When I start my PC fresh, I get fast internet download speed of 60 Mbps, which is the speed of my Cox Internet plan. After one hour or so, the download speed drops down to 0.

I have closed ALL programs before the restart. There is no active programs running in the Task Manager. This happens every time that I noticed the extremely slow internet speed and tried to restart. I have to force it to restart and to regain my internet speed back to 60 Mbps. So my routine every day is as follows: Start my PC fresh, then restart my PC again every one hour or so due to extremely slow internet speed.

This happens at work, at home. I have confirmed that it is not due to Cox Internet. I believe it is this mysterious program that is running in the background that does not show up on the Task Manager. It takes up almost all my internet bandwidth and choke my internet speed to almost zero. It is happening everyday, all day long. I have tried anti-virus by Kaspersky, Windows Defender, and Webroot. All have same results.

Do anyone know how to find out what is this unidentified program running in the background that slows the internet speed to 0. It is running in the background and preventing the PC from shutting down?

Does something inside Windows 10 have anything to do with this? I have turned off « Allow downloads from Other PCs » in the setting. Nothing seemed to consume much to slow down my internet net speed to such extreme low speed. We need to do further investigation so that we can identify the cause of the issue.

We suggest doing some of the options listed on the article Fix network connection issues in Windows 10 and see if it helps. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Thank you very much for your fast reply. Since I do not have initial internet connection problems, I followed your list of items and went straight to review my WIFI driver.

So I googled for the AC driver, found the Intel website. I went through the download, install and reboot. My PC internet download speed has been stable for the past 6 hours. The download speed is between Mbps, faster than my Cox plan of 60 Mbps.

Then I ran the restart test. Amazing again! There was NO mysterious program running in the background that preventing the PC from shutting down!!

I am keeping my finger crossed, but looking like it is the outdated driver was the real problem. If I do not come back asking for more help, then you can assume that this problem has indeed been solved. I hope this case can help other people who have similar problems.

It pays to come to the expert community and find people like you to help solved the problems. Again, Thank you very much!!!! There are lots of reasons why internet connection is slowing down.

It may be caused by a poor connection coming from your internet service provider or your network connection settings. To have a further view of your issue, we’ll need the following information:.

If not, we suggest that you connect your PC directly to your modem and do a speed test. You may also remove your preferred network and try to reconnect and see if there’s any changes on your connection.

Since the issue is happening on both of your computers. This might be an issue with the internet connection you’re getting from your internet service provider. Kindly provide the following information:. But it is still odd.

Thank you for the update. If the issue persists, we suggest that you update the driver through the device manufacturer’s website. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Can someone share some thoughts on this? Any help will be deeply appreciated!! This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Previous Next. Radney Dri Microsoft Agent. Hi, We need to do further investigation so that we can identify the cause of the issue. Looking forward to your response. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Radney Dri’s post on January 7, Hi Radney, Thank you very much for your fast reply.

In reply to CT’s post on January 8, Thank you for giving us the update, we hope that this would be the solution. We’ll be here if you need anymore help. Manish Baphna. In reply to Radney Dri’s post on January 8, My internet is connected and as per speedtest it’s 2 MBPS. But whenever I download anything, speed is horrible, like kbps and that too after few mins, downloads get terminated.

Restart download doesn’t help. Another PC with Ubuntu on same network has very good download speed. What else I can try? Jesebel Ova Microsoft Agent. In reply to Manish Baphna’s post on May 20, Hi Manish, There are lots of reasons why internet connection is slowing down.

To have a further view of your issue, we’ll need the following information: How are you connected to the internet? Have you tried to connect your PC directly to your modem? Have you removed the network and tried to reconnect to it? We’ll be waiting for your response.

In reply to Jesebel Ova’s post on May 25, In reply to jeroendekker1’s post on May 30, Hi jeroendekker1, Since the issue is happening on both of your computers. Kindly provide the following information: How are you connected to the internet? You may also follow the troubleshooting steps that I have provided on my previous post. In reply to Jesebel Ova’s post on May 31, Dear Jesebel, the problem only exists on one computer which is the windows computer.

Did anyone ever find a solution? My laptop only gets 3. In reply to jeroendekker1’s post on June 1, Let us know how it turns out. This site in other languages x.



Windows 10 home vs pro speed test free download


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While there are other disk encryption tools available, Bitlocker integrates with your company’s infrastructure, meaning your admin can secure your machine without you having to worry about it.

Windows Fundamentals includes some features that have been present in Windows for some time, going back to when it was originally separated into Pro and Home versions. The below examples of these have been bumped up to become Pro version upgrades or features that Home users can’t use until they upgrade to Pro. Some Windows 10 Pro advantages won’t be as important to the personal computing enthusiast. Nonetheless, it’s worth knowing some of the business-focused functions you’d pay for if you upgraded to Pro:.

You’ll need to choose between Home and Pro when you buy a computer, or when you buy a copy of Windows in a store or online. Take a moment to give it some thought before you make your purchase, for two reasons:. If you buy Windows 10 Pro, but later realize you only need Windows 10 Home, buy a license for Home and activate it on the machine with Pro. This will leave you with an unused Pro license. If you plan to use the machine for business purposes at some point, or if you’re not concerned about cost, go with Windows 10 Pro.

However, if you don’t believe you need the enterprise features of Pro, your best bet is to get Windows 10 Home. Most of the mobile apps are exclusively developed to work with mobile phones. Few apps provide the larger screen versions that support windows, mac, and PC by default. But when there is no official large screen support, we need to find a way to install and use it. Try them out and enjoy Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on your PC. If you have any questions or face any issues, please let us know by posting in the comment section below.

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