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Windows 10 wallpaper registry path free download

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Ariel Follow us. The settings application is the quickest and easiest option for enabling and disabling Windows 10 dark mode. Microsoft often releases the Windows 10 theme pictures via the Microsoft Store. Linked 0. Because BGInfo simply writes a new desktop bitmap and exits, you don’t have to worry about it consuming system resources or interfering with other applications. In addition to the above 2 methods, you can find the current Windows 10 wallpaper location via Registry Editor. User Comments : Post Comment.

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The image you are using as the desktop background can be the one that ships by default with Windows 10, or some image from your personal collection.

At Winaero, we have a huge set of themes with very beautiful wallpapers which you can download for free. Your background can also be set by any other app like your web browser or Bing Desktop which downloads images from the Internet.

Once you notice an image you like on your Desktop, you might want to find its location on the disk drive so you can save it for further use. VBS which can extract the file path of your current desktop background image from the Registry and show it to you. It is very useful, as the only thing you need is to do is double click the script.

Windows 10 keeps the path to the source image as a binary value in the Registry. When you set an image as your desktop background, it will be адрес страницы to match your screen and position preferences like fill, zoom, fit etc. The path to the source image is written in a binary value named TranscodedImageCache at the following Registry key:. See the following screenshot:.

To extract the path of the image from the TranscodedImageCache value, you need to run this script:. You can paste this text into Notepad windows 10 wallpaper registry path free download then save it as a VBS file. Alternatively, you can download the file from here:. Download VBS Script to display your current desktop background location. Extract it to any folder you want and double click it. Immediately the folder containing the wallpaper image will be opened and that image will be selected in File Explorer.

This is how it looks in my case:. Winaero greatly relies on your support. You can help the site keep bringing you interesting and useful content and software by using these options:. I would like to use a slightly different form of your program. This allows me to get a description of the current wallpaper by clicking on a shortcut for your program that is on the desktop.

The file name for each of my wallpaper images is the description for that wallpaper. Could you please help me with the code I would need to do this? JPG on the windows 10 wallpaper registry path free download PC? I scoured the internet far and wide for a solution that shows me my current desktop wallpaper.

Not one solution worked, regedit or otherwise. Until I found your script, that is -turns out my wallpaper was in a Firefox folder whyever that is. Thanks so much! Very handy when using slideshow. Now if I can get it to send it to Google Images to find…. I LOVE the wallpaper finder — I have my wallpaper set in Windows 10 so that it makes a random selection from all the photos on my desktop PC and displays a different image on each of my two monitors for one minute — timing is not synchronized.

Problem is, your wonderful magic trick only identifies the wallpaper image on the right hand windows 10 wallpaper registry path free download. Can it be adapted to select either monitor image or otherwise adapted so that either image can be identified? Great work, windows 10 wallpaper registry path free download you again. I have the same issue as Diana Clark — is there a way to identify the photos on both screens, or choose the screen on which I want the photo identified?

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Find your current wallpaper image path in Windows 10

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